Scada Security

  • It is a protocol hardening solution intended to address the vulnerabilities in the transmission of SCADA protocols like IEC 60870-5-101 and IEC 60870-5-104 in the power systems. This solution offers authentication at RTUs for control commands from MTU. This provides an encrypted channel between the control center and the RTUs to prevent malicious events of man-in-middle attacks. This is aimed to address the security concerns like data spoofing, data modification, replay attack and non-repudiation.
  • SCADA Security Test Bed (Service)It enables modeling in Defense-In-Depth architecture for SCADA environment. It provides architecting use of firewalls, Digital simulator for simulating field devices and RTUs, detection and analysis of threats and vulnerabilities and incident response mechanisms.
  • Security Information & Event Management Tools (SIEM) (Product)It identifies threats on the SCADA test bed by continuously monitoring all data generated by different SCADA devices at multiple levels. SIEM Tool uses the white listed file profile of Reference Data Set (RDS) of NIST (National Software Reference Library) to find anomalous files. The SIEM dashboard presents the monitored activities, which helps to identify the anomalies at a specific level, thereby reducing response time and also improves the forensic investigation.
  • COPS-TARA (Transmission of Aggregated data for Real time Access) (Product)Is a compact GSM/GPRS modem specifically designed to transfer MODBUS compatible device data to remote location. COPS-TARA supports Standard Meter Communication Protocol (like MODBUS TCP/IP) for transmission of data over GSM/GPRS Network. The module can be extended for other communication protocols like DLMS, IEC 60870 101 and IEC 60870 104. It provides an effective solution for transmission of the MODBUS supported ABT Meter data to the control center.