Education & Training

  1. Megh-Sikshak (Product + Service)MeghSikshak is an advanced LMS which provides flexibility for customization, scalability and high availability for offering various e-learning services without the need for hardware and software resources at end user premises. It can be used for offering online courses to students and also for training purpose.
  2. eBasta - School books to eBooks (Service/Product)Is a unified platform for various publishers - free as well as commercial - and the schools together to make available school books as e-books. In addition, a structure to facilitate organization and easy management of digital resources has also been made, an app that can be installed on the tablet is also available for navigating such a structure.
  3. IoT Research Lab Kits (Product)Comprehensive Lab setup to enhance the skills of students, researchers and academicians. The lab kit comes with various nodes supporting different protocols and Gateway. It also comes with a lab manual to streamline the learning process on various communication technologies and networking topologies. It also comes with Required Software and APIs to interface sensors to plug and play with nodes in implementing newer algorithms.
  4. Parikshak (Product)Is an Automated Program Grading & Analysis Tool. It allows teachers to conduct programming exams in online mode, with live monitoring, auto-evaluation of student programming assignments, analysis after programming test, detailed logging of student submissions and plagiarism detection. It facilitates automated evaluation of software programs can significantly reduce the load of the faculty, give intuitive feedback to student, thereby leading to easy and efficient handling of programming assignments/exams.
  5. Process Automation for Competitive Exams (PACE) (Product)Focuses on some competitive exams. It does Automation of various stages like candidate registration, online application filling, application scrutiny, exam centre allocation, admit card generation, result processing (answer-key verification, answer-key challenge, Question complexity identification and various statistical information), scorecard generation, choice filling, application scrutiny for admission, seat counselling.