1. AnnadarpanANNADARPAN system addresses problems of the Food Storage and Safety Industries (such as FCI, State Agricultural Marketing Board, APMCs, Mandies, etc.) where rapid quality estimation is an issue for bulk procurement of rice and pulses on daily basis. Physical quality of rice is characterized by three principal quality attributes, namely, appearance, aroma and taste. Appearance based quality parameters of rice are big broken, small broken, damage, discolour, red grains, chalky grains and admixtures. The quality of pulses are assessed by the presence of damage, discolour, admixture, immature grains, etc. Variants available are AnnadarpanSMART & AnnadarpanDYNAMIC.
  2. EnoseElectronic Nose is a smart instrument that is designed to detect and discriminate among complex odours using an array of sensors. E-Nose system primarily consists of four functional blocks, viz., Odour Handling and Delivery System, Sensors and Interface Electronics, Signal Processing and Intelligent Pattern Analysis and Recognition.
  3. Resham DarshanAn image processing based solution for Colour Characterization of reeled as well as span yarn of silk.
  4. Automated HydroponicsHydroponics is a method of cultivation, where plants are grown in soilless media using water and nutrient mixture. It kindles a hope for food production in non-agricultural lands as well as in urban areas. In this system, water mixed with minerals and nutrients is exposed directly to the roots of the plant that can be supported by various media like coco-peat, perlite etc. The solution is being used for production of lettuce, strawberry, broccoli and cauliflower.